Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dental program in the sacred valley 2010


It seems that somehow I am now the “madrina” (fairy god mother) of the
first new house which has been built in the Huayroncoyocpampa
community. It had this honour because as a "gringa" I am seen as
someone that will bring them luck and hopefully abundance. Norma
lives with here husband Alberto and 2 children Kevin and Carola. They
lost their home in the January floods and have been living in a tent
ever since. I met Norma's family in January when we first brought
volunteers to the community to help with the salvaging materials

I kindly accepted their request and the celebration continued in true
quechuan style. We were served a delicious meal of steak and pasta
(which is also traditional food for when a new house is built). The
new house has had to be built on the same land as the previous one as
they have no other land and there is nobody has offered them anywhere
else to live. There was a hope that the local government would be
providing the whole community with land for relocation but
unfortunately this has not yet been provided. The family were
struggling to survive in their tent because of the extreme
temperatures and therefore chose to take a loan to be able to afford
to live in a house again.

Normas family and many of them like them are urgently in need of support and would be very grateful for any small donation you might be able to give to make a difference to their lives.

As you can see from the photos I was presented with 2 clay bulls (for good luck) and a cross decorated with flowers. This was placed on the roof of the house for good luck and I then explained how it was an honour for me to be the “madrina” of their house and although I won’t be able to afford to give them my own money I would do my best to try and find support from other people around the world that really want to do something to help other human beings in need.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dental program in the sacred valley 2010

A few photos from the latest dental mission in partnership with Desana Giving and Odontologos sin Fronteras. Special thanks go to George and Kathy from Desana Giving and all the young dentists from Odontologos sin fronteras as well as Laurie from the Vidas Mejoradas project, Leander our director, Walter for the music, Ruben our driver, the local people and all the other people that I forgot to mention,

Carlos Gibaja, President of Casa Hogar del Sol.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


On Sunday 15th August, all 21 “socios” of the Cuylandia contract from Paucarbamba were picked up in a mini bus to visit the Cuylandia training centre for the first time. The community members were all excited about going to their centre and to learning more about the project. The first training session was run by guest speaker Richard, who has had experienced setting up similar businesses for the
international charity World Vision and other organizations.

Richard motivated all of the members by explaining that by thinking positive with a clear vision of where they want to go they can all really make their small businesses work. They just need to put effort in to looking after the animals and following the guidelines of the CHDS agronomist, Nelida.

The initial training session began at 10am and was followed by a practical session building a “galpon” – guinea pig pen with room for 30 guinea pigs. The “socios” learnt about guinea pig rearing as a business and the best type of guinea pig homes for industrial rearing.

Once the guest guinea pigs were in their new home the training centre was decorated and the party began!

Over the next 2 weeks Nelida will be visiting each of the 21 families to supervise the building of their guinea pig pens near to their homes.

A big thank you once again to Desana Giving for donating an additional $3000 to the Cuylandia project to purchase the materials for the store room/training centre which was built by the Paucarbamba community members in just 10 days!

Monday, August 2, 2010

la campana dental : update

Monday 2nd August 2010

A lot has been going on in the world of Casa Hogar del Sol in Peru
over the past week. Last Thursday we had a further 5 volunteers visit
us from Loki Cusco and we managed to move the last 500 bricks from the
Paucarbamba community. We now have the first group of 19 families
which will be receiving guinea pigs and training from the Cuylandia
centre (due to start on Saturday August 14th). The community members
nnw have enough bricks to complete the perimerter wall and the
building of the actual training centre will start tomorrow tomorrow.
The head builder has estimated that it will take one week for the
workers to complete the building so we are estimating 2 weeks!

3000 more bricks and building material need to be bought to build the
training centre and George and Kathy from Desana Giving
http://www.desanagiving.org/ have kindly offered to donate these. A
big thank you to Desana Giving goes out from the Casa Hogar del Sol
Peru team and the Paucarbamba community members.

The 10 day dental campaign has started in partnership with Odontologos
Fronteras and Desana Giving.and the 17 volunteer dentists have so far
treated about 500 patients. All of the dentists are sleeping and
eating in the (3 bedroom) volunteer house in Paucarbamba and
travelling to community schools each morning to work 8 hour non-stop

A volunteer Australian Podiatrist (David) was found at Hearts Café and
has joined the dental campaign this week. He has been measuring up for
shoes which are going to be distributed during the Christmas
chocolatada campaign with Desana Giving.

A big thank you to everyone for their big help this week!