Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rasna's update

Rasna is developing into a very mature and kind young lady. She understands the family situation and helps the family in the daily activities. She is 10 years old and is currently in Grade 6. She secured 6th out of 18 in First Terminal Exam. She has been improving her studies and their parents are very happy with her performance. Rashna looks going to school and be with her friends. 
Govinda, her father, has started a new furniture business with the very little money he had and the support from My Small Help. He only makes low bed of 3ft by 6ft in size. He makes 10 beds in one lot at a time and sells to the retail shop. He makes about £45 in a lot which is just enough for the family to eat and stay. 

Govinda’s wife Sumitra has given birth to a baby boy about 8 months back. They had wanted a baby boy so that in the future they will have someone who will look after Govinda and Sumitra when they get old. As Govinda is suffering from HIV+, he quickly gets sick, fever, eye pain. He recently had an eye pain for about 15 days. Govinda had never tried to check up for any sign of HIV+ in her wife or children. They all look fine and well. 

Currently they have been living in a furniture factory as their house was destroyed by earthquake and their parents have been helping them to build a new house which is currently under construction. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Temporary Shelther for 2 families in Sidupalchowk, Nepal

Temporary Shelters for Rajesh and Pratap Family. The recent earthquake has completely destroyed their houses.
My Small Help, Nepal has been supporting Rajesh and Pratap since 2012

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our college student received college dress

Ashok Tamang and Rojan Shakya finally received their college dress. They have now started going to new college with the official college dress. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Final construction of School Building

About a year ago, Friends For Global Change approached My Small Help, President Raju to help to find a place to build school for the community. Now after a year we have a school building ready for the children of the village in Nepane VDC, Kavre, Nepal. Its a Ladkeshwor school which is about 60 kms away from Kathmandu in a remote village. The villagers from mostly Tamang and Sherpas. 

This new building has 4 rooms of each room size is 12ft by 14ft. The good news is, the recent earthquake didn't effect the building at all. Most of the villages came to stay in the school for temporary shelter. Even the government has given Green Sticker and safe for the building. 

The villagers, school teachers and children are very happy and thankful for donating this new building for the communicate.  We would like to thank 'Friends for Global Change' for their kind donation.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Children with all necessary items for college

My Small Help, Nepal managed to admit all 5 children to new colleges. They all have now started going to the colleges. We bought all the necessary items which includes, college dress, books, bags, shoes, stationary to all the children. We will soon update with more picture with their college dresses. Here are couple of images of Rozy and Sunita receiving some items for the college. 
Rozy with the red jacket, donation from UK by Dani Tougher

Rozy with new college shoe and belt

Sunita holding new bag and shoes for college

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Sponsored children visited MSH president

On 3rd August 2015, our sponsored children Jyoti Tamang and Kalpana Chaudhary visited My Small Help President, Raju Maharjan with a special gifts. Kalpana left Marybert Orphanage about five months before and Jyoti left
about one and half months before to become a teacher in St. Mary's School, Gokha. They now no longer needs sponsorship and they are capable enough to earn for themselves.

They shared their duties, experiences and all the fun they have in the school. They have decided to stay their for another 3 to 4 years and get a certificate and complete their bachelor's degree as well.