Wednesday, February 14, 2007

about us

My Small Help is a small and desperate effort to bring about small if not a big change in lives of under privileged children in our country. We are just ordinary people with a small dream, a dream to help and change lives of children who need help. We don't know how much change can we bring in any child's life but we will not know if we don't try. We admit that we might not be able to run schools, orphanage or give huge amount of donations, but we will do our best to help them to the best of our capacity and ability. Every child has his/her own set of rights as adults, but somewhere in between the line the rights of children are lost. They do not get what they deserve and are often exploited. We should consider ourselves lucky that our parents respected our rights and we were brought up in a good environment, with quality education and everything we wanted.
We are sure that many of you don't even know the basic rights of children. As a matter of fact, even we were unaware of it. Listed below are a few basic rights of a child.
- Every child has the inherent right to life and states shall ensure to the maximum child survival and development.- Right to protection from physical or metal harm and neglect, including sexual abuse or exploitation.- Every child has the right to a name and nationality from birth.- Disabled children have the right to special treatment, education and care.- Right to education.- Right to equal opportunity.
These are some basic rights of a child. Now look around you, your home and your city. Is every child getting what he is entitled or is he exercising his rights?We looked around us and asked ourselves the same questions. The answer was NO.
Our dream and objective is to try and bring changes in lives of under privileged children. To give them what is rightfully theirs and what they deserve. We hope that our small dream will come true and every child in our country will grow up to be a proud citizen of Nepal, a true Nepali.


"Childhood is the best part of a person's life", I agree to this statement and I think you too agree to it. But due to poverty, discrimination and miserable condition many children in our country have a childhood that they would prefer to forget than to remember it at any point in their lives. Due to poverty many children between the ages of 5 and 14 years work as laborious and domestic helper in tea farms, factories etc. Another reason is the armed rebellion raging in our country for the last 10 years. The armed conflict has caused large scale displacement of children from their villages. And many children who fled their village due to lack of security end up in cities under exploitive conditions. In our country, Nepal move the 14% of children of primary school age are deprived of education and their rights
Just imagine that you are unable to send your child to school just because you can not afford it or pulling your child out of school because your job does not pay you enough to support her education. Imagine your child working under exploitive condition rather than going to school. Imagine your child going to bed empty stomach because you could not earn enough to provide your child with food. Well, this is what happens everyday but we do not see it. Why? Because we don't want to know it. We choose to ignore all these and go on living our lives which moves around money, enjoyment and everything materialistic.