Monday, May 16, 2016

Selfie For Nepal Project Implementation

Thank you so very much for being part of our campaign. We got so much love from all over the world that it was no longer a campaign running for donations, but it became a global mission pouring continued love and support for Nepal. We cannot Thank you all enough. Your support gave us strength!
Friends with My Small Help worked tirelessly in making this happen.
We initially planned on building temporary shelters but with the donations we collected, we were not able to initiate the original mission.We have made sure that every penny we collected is used on the best possible way.
One year exactly after the devastating earthquake, Nepal is still struggling under dysfunctional government. Survivors are still living on shabby temporary shelters and pain is still there. Resilient Nepal is still a long way to go and it will only happen with continuos effort. Let's not forget the day April 25 2015. If you still want to help and do some more for these students then please visit:
- Selfie For Nepal Team

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Women Entrepreneurship Development Project - Sewing and Tailoring

On 15th April 2016, Brendan Mulcahy, My Small Help, Nepal representative, Raju Maharjan visited "Sewing and Tailoring" project in Bardiya. Brendan Mulcahy helped to find the donor to fund the Project. Currently 25 Tharu girls from different community were given the training.  

While overseeing the project, the trainer and coordinators greeted them with flowers and thanked for giving this opportunity. The trainers presented a "Token of Love" for Tim and Khalifa which was handed to Brendan. 

Brendan and Raju also visited trainers houses to meet the family and see their situation.