Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Marybert Orphanage, Nepal

Children of Marybert Orphanage Studying and doing homework after school

Mysmallhelp Youtube Channel

Mysmallhelp Youtube Channel

School Uniform distribution at Bhattedanda school

Eilidh Canney from UK arrived in Nepal in mid November 2008. Before her arrival in Nepal she had raised £270 in UK for MSH which was used to provide school uniforms and jumpers to 44 children in Bhattedanda School. Eilidh also helped MSH in filling up the form of ICT (International Childcare Trust) for providing us grant to renovate and build new buildings for Bhattedanda School. She also enjoyed volunteering in Marybert School and loved spending time with the children of the school and the orphanage.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Principal of Bhattedanda School handed over the proposal to MSH

On 20th May 2009, Wednesday, Principal of Bhattedanda School visited MSH office and handed over the proposal of providing School equipments like blackboard, white boards, newsboards along with educational materials, sports equipments, stationaries for school children and musical instruement. 

MSH project manager for Bhattedanda School, Pramila KC received the proposal. Project Manager informed the principal about donating 4 blackboard, school bags for all 44 children as well as sports equipments and educational materials in another 20 days time.  Project Manager got the size of the board which will be place for order very soon. 

Erin from US

Erin from the USA visited MSH sponsored children at the school, distributing clothes and shoes. Erin is a long term supporter of MSH and it’s always fantastic to see the one to one relationship she maintains with her sponsored child, Dependra.

Bio-gas at Marybert School

The biogas project lead by MSH member, Raju for installation at the Marybert School has been approved by Sabina Thapa the schools principal and MSH member. This will help the school minimize fuel costs making funds available for the children. The project will start when the funds are released.

Why is bio-gas so important for the school?
Marybert orphanage has 24 orphans living and studying at the moment. A significant amount of fuel (LGP gas or cooking gas) is used to prepare food everyday. Orphanage expenses are very high and therefore detrimental to educational funds. Once biogas is installed at the school, the gas produced can be stored and used as a fuel for cooking allowing more funds to be available purely for teaching all students. Nepals government encourages renewable energy projects and may also provide some of the materials which hopefully will lower investment costs as well as assisting MSH in managing the project.

Mysmallhelp UK makes first donation to African Project

Mysmallhelp UK has been working with a team of volunteers at Leeds University to try and raise funds for Mysmallhelp and East African Playgrounds by selling Mysmallshop products on campus. The students sold approximately £1650 worth of products in the first term and so far Mysmallhelp has donated £330 to the East African playgroundsproject.

Please do click here to read more about the EAP project. The group of student volunteers will be using Mysmallhelp funds to help build a playground in Uganda this summer.


MSH Volunteer: Anne Macdonald

Anne from the UK visited the school whilst volunteering for MSH for 10 days from 26th April to 6th May 2009. Anne stayed at the School orphanage with the children allowing her to get to know the children, the good work of the school and to fully appreciate the conditions in which they live. Anne helped to film for a short MSH documentary, which will be used back in the UK to help fundraise for MSH.

Toilet Building Project at Brahamayani School, Chatturale, Nepal

MSH Nepal Members, Gopal and Raju made a visit to Chaturale village and the Brahmayami School in order to review help required. 

The following was decided: 
• Build 2 new toilet blocks (boys and for girls)
• Provide a water storage tank for drinking water
• Carry out small repairs to the building, for example painting of walls
• Provide sports equipment

This project will start in 25 days time

Shree Brahmayami School
Shree Brahmayami Primary School is run by the Government who provide only 3 teachers for teaching grades 1 to 5. The school has no allocated support staff at present and facilities are poor with two children need to go to the toilet together, one for guarding the door. 156 children are currently studying in the school.

Bhattedanda School, Nepal

On February 10th 2009 MSH Nepal member, Raju visited Bhattedanda School to donate school jumpers for all 44 children. Bhattedanda school is located in Bhattedanda in the Lalitpur District, 26km south of Kathmandu.

A summary of the school is as follows:

• 44 children age 3 ½ to 12 years, Grades 1 to 3
• There are no toilets and no library
• The small grass covered playground is very small and there is no access path from the school.
• There are no games or sports equipment.