Monday, May 27, 2013

Visitors from France

by: Summit Rana

We received  two French nationals Sophie Metin and Joao Metin from couch surfing who were invited to stay at the volunteer room for a week. During their stay they visited Marybert School and played different games with the children and took photographs and shared stories with the children. They fell in love with the children in Marybert and were sad they had to leave. According to them it was the best part of their vacation and promised to return again to volunteer with MSH Nepal.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rita's Appeal

Rita is a 5 year old girl and lives with her parents and 7 other brothers and sisters in the mountains of Santa Teresa which belongs to the district of Cusco.

Rita was born with an underdeveloped right leg finishing with a small knee, which did not grow.  The way she has been walking and using her body weight, has caused the added problem of hip and spine misalignments. Taking into consideration the demands of a large family and the challenges faced, her family is supporting Rita as best as they can, but they are unable to help her financially.

To avoid further spine and hip degeneration, which will result in becoming disabled and wheelchair bound, she will need to go through the complicated process of getting a prosthetic leg taking into account all the spinal and hip problems as well. To get this delicate balance right many fittings are needed and traveling to Lima until the Orthopaedic doctor is satisfied with the work in progress.

Rita will need on-going financial help, professional support and changes of prosthetic legs until she reaches adulthood.  Giving her a leg will enable her to have a better childhood, attend school and become more independent which will also help her family to cope easier with their on-going challenges.

If you would like to make a donation please see this link

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sharmila Sunuwar leaves Marybert School and orphanage

by: Summit Rana

Sharmila Sunuwar lived and studied in Marybert School and orphanage from 2004. In 2011 she left Marybert and started to live with her aunt. MSH was still funding her education and basic necessities. She lived with her aunt for a year and after which her father came and took her with him, he also took her out of the school where she had been studying with MSH funding. Her father didn't want her to study in that school and got her admitted her to a local school. Sharmila wanted to study in the same school as before as all her friends were there and also she was also comfortable with the teachers and the environment there, but her father was reluctant about it. Soon her grades started to degrade and she cried all day.

After days of visit to her house and hours and hours of coaxing and negotiating with her father, he finally agreed to let her study in the school she wanted. Sharmila’s happiness knew no bounds when her father agreed and she started jumping with excitement. Her grades have improved since and she seems very happy with her friends. Her father is also happy to watch her daughter always happy and smiling. We know one day she will make him proud.

£1120 raised by Emma and Luise

by: Summit Rana

Emma and Luise from the U.K raised funds for MSH by doing a Just Giving trek to the Annapurna Base Camp. All of the funds raised by Emma and Luise were handed over to Ananda Pariyar, (Bahundanda, Lamjung). He was having a hard time arranging three meals a day for his family, with the support from MSH Nepal and the funds provided by the sponsored trek, he was able to lease a plot of land. Pariyar started growing organic vegetables and selling them in the local market. We were very happy with the progress he made. On our recent visit we found him selling the produce from his small farm in the local market and making a steady profit from it. He now plans to open a pig farm by leasing more land. MSH is proud to see him leading a good and respectable life, and wish him success in his future endeavors.