Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stunt Show makes wheely good donation to charity

The 1st International Bike Stunt Show to be held in Nepal stepped up a gear by raising more than £200 for My Small Help.

Approximately 10 stunt bikers performed to an enthusiastic crowd of around 300 the last weekend in November (2010). The event, held at the International Summing Club, Satdobato, was organised by Pako Youth Club and Planet Nepal. The bikers showed bravery and skill as they wowed the audience with their daredevil antics. The crowd also enjoyed a variety of live music.

Pramila, My Small Help’s accountant, was thrilled to receive the cheque. The charity, on behalf of the young children and orphans who will benefit from the cash boost, thank the organisers of the stunt show for their generosity, and for daring to care.

Pramila receving cheque

The donation will be put towards a number of different projects run by My Small Help to ensure that the children they sponsor are given the opportunity to benefit from school education, and that their overall wellbeing is considered a priority.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Iron Beds provided for Marybert Orphanage

6 out of 11 new iron beds were provided to Marybert Orphanage. Marybert Orphanage used to have 11 wooden beds for the boys and girls room altogether. The beds were really old and had bed bugs, due to which the children could not sleep soundly and would wake up in the middle of the night. The beds were treated with medicine but still it was of no use. The only option left was to burn down the beds.

Marybert School and Orphanage is situated in Kathmandu and is MSH’s pioneer project. At present there are approximately 100 children studying at the school and 23 of these children are living at the orphanage. MSH sponsors 17 children living at the Marybert orphanage. The sponsorship pays for their education, food, accommodation and sanitary living conditions.

In addition, MSH has built a library for the school and has donated many books. The library has a peaceful atmosphere and the books are clearly displayed. MSH has funded a bio-gas system that is complete and running very well. MSH has also funded for iron beds for the orphanage.
Marybert Orphanage Management and MySmallHelp decided to dosomething, so Marybert Orphanage Management and MySmallHelp sat down together to discuss on the matter. With much discussion, MySmallHelp decided to fund for 6 new iron beds with the Funds Provided by KnightBridge School, UK and for the other 5 beds, were to be funded by Marybert Orphanage Management. The beds were not ready-made and were to be made from the start and painted. Meanwhile, as the bed was being made in process, the children were sleeping on the floor with their matress and as winter was approaching, the children were starting to feel cold, so the building of the beds had to be faster. Finally on 20th Sep 2010, the beds were ready and brought to MaryBert Orphanage, with new bed carts. The children were very happy to see their new bed and arrage it in their respective rooms.

Nowadays, the children have not complaint about being bitten by any bed bugs and they said they can sleep soundly at night. They are very thankful to Knightbridge School for funding this project and for all their support.

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