Monday, October 31, 2011

Volunteering in MSH, Nepal by Dutch Guys

By volunteer

Derk en Nienke

Four small hands….

That’s what we were, four hands giving a small contribution to My Small Help Nepal. A small contribution but so rewarding, the happy faces of the children, the smiles! We were volunteers at Marybert school and orphanage in Patan, Kathmandu. Due to the lack of a math and science teacher in the Marybert school we were asked to give these lessons at the school. We never forget the goooooodmorning ma’am/sir by entering the classroom and the thaaaank you for teaching us by leaving the classroom. It is such nice work to teach these children.

W­e stayed in the bright new guestroom of My Small Help Nepal. The guestroom is set up to give volunteers a pleasant stay and as an extra activity to raise money for My Small Help Nepal. A good and affordable initiative! De room was very pleasant, comfortable and next to the office of My Small Help Nepal which makes the contact very easy. De nice colours of de room make you feel very happy!

Apart form teaching we often visited the children later on the day in the orphanage to talk and play with them. They learned us a lot of songs and how to play the stones (for me a very difficult Nepalese game J). We told them about the Netherlands, what we eat, how it looks like etc. and thought them juggling. It was so nice to spend time with them. They are warm and kind persons and they take good care after each other. On one afternoon we organised some games for them on a other location then the school. We did hints, buckjumping and a lot more. We had so much fun! Al lot of smiles, words and hugs we will never forget. At the end the day we baked some Dutch pancakes together, but nothing can beat the dal-wat!

The children study hard and they really deserve a happy future. My small Help makes this possible. But still there are many things needed for these children and the Marybert school. They are written down in the wishlist (see website Water is one of the basics needs. In the school and orphanage is no tapwater available. The children depend on water of a well. A filter is needed to clean this water. We see this importance and we would like to ask our family and friends to make a small contribution for this need!

We will never forget the children of Marybert and hope that lot’s of people will contribute to give these children the future they deserve!