Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Completion of Bhattedanda School Project

On 10th July 2009, six Mysmallhelp Nepal members and two German friends travelled to Bhattedanda, Lalitpur, Nepal. We provided 45 school bags, 4 blackboards and sports equipments worth of 200 dollars. All the childrens were extremely happy with the bags and school teachers were also glad with Mysmallhelp for our continous support. We have capture the film which later will be complied for project documentary. We all enjoyed the trip. You can see project picture on Mysmallhelp Facebook Group

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chatturale Village, Nepal

Chatturale Village which lies in the hilly remote area is only accessed by a two hour plus walk to reach the main road where one can then catch local transport. The village people there are mostly from the Tamang family being a backward ethnic group here in Nepal.
Their main occupation is agriculture and as such each home has chickens, goats and at least two buffalo.
Chatturale Village does have a road which has recently been developed to enable vehicles such as trucks to pass by occasionally in order to supply their daily needs.
The local people there are very much united and helpful to each other and therefore aware of their village, school and any financial assistance that arrives for the village.
They have also chosen certain people to accept duty as president, treasurer so any budget for project work can be looked after. However, equal participation and acceptance was needed to conduct any type of work as without equal participation and acceptance the villages do not accept any work.
Due to this MSH was reassured that the budget which was provided by MSH would not be miss-used by the villlage people.
Now due to trust having been established between MSH and Chatturale village, during the last visit the people requested MSH for further project work to be undertaken.
This next projects involve the following:

1) Supplying 3 stretchers to aid in the transportation of any sick person from the village to the main road. This is due to the poor access as when any member from the village gets sick there is no other way to transport the sick person other than carry to the top of the hill for treatment.

2) Furniture for the local Brahamini school which is currently operating without any proper furniture.

MSH believes that both these projects are worth supporting.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

MSH handed over equipments to Bhattedanda School Principal

Mysmallhelp Nepal, today handed over 4 blackboards, 45 school bags and sports equipments to Principal of Bhattedanda School. We have set up the distribution program on 10th July 2009. We will be updating with pictures on Mysmallhelp facebook group. Please keep supporting us. Only from your support, we all can make this possible.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marking the right location for bio-gas

A bio-gas technician along with GWRCN marked the location to dig 6.5 ft to construct bio-gas. The gas produced from will be use to cook food for the 22 orphans who are currently staying at Marybert Orphanage.