Monday, September 22, 2014

Chepang Shelter Project, Lamjung

The Chepang community is a nomadic group among the poorest in society. Historically they have been nomadic but in more recent years they have been encouraged to settle into small communities and live a more sedentary lifestyle.  In April MSH agreed to construct 3 family shelters for the poorest members of the community. Land has been secured and materials have been purchased to begin the construction process.
Now, we have constructed shelters for 2 most deprived family. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sarita Magar Treatment Update

Sarita Magar had problem call "hydrocephalus". It is also call "water on the brain". Doctor successfully managed to take the water which was down to stomach and removed. She is doing much better now. She said she is getting better and doesnot have any pain. It has been more than a month she has been hospital and she is being looked after by her brother day and night. MySmallHelp, Nepal will be helping in covering the cost of the hospital. She thanked MSH and MSH member Pramila. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A project for single mother Bindu

Bindu Balami is 34 years old single mother of 2 children Nabin and Nabina Balami.  Nabin is 14 years old and Nabina is 9. They both are currently being sponsored by MSH. Bindu used to work as labour mostly in house construction. She hardly earns Rs. 200 (1.68p) a day which is just enough to eat for a family. Bindu finds the labour work extremely difficult as there isn't especial dress provided for the work which often results hurting her. She even finds difficulty getting the earn money on time as contractor often makes reason to avoid paying on time. 

Bindu wanted to set up her own small business by opening grocery and eatery shop.  She approached us with the idea. We were very positive of her imitation to do something of her own which eventually helps the whole family. The money she earns from her business will help to secure her and children future. The  overall project will cost around £435. 

Bindu being a single mother with 2 children, she finds difficulty raising her children. Without MySmallHelp help she could not afford to send her children to school. Bindu being uneducated and unskill, the only work she can do is a labour work in construction field. After MSH help, she slowly build up more confident in herself and can find her children and family being more stable. 

With her same confidence she wanted to open an grocery and eatery shop. So she searched for number of days to locate a right location for a shop. Finally she managed to find a small space nearby school where her daughter goes.  

After MSH Nepal and her imitative, Bindu now own a small  grocery and eatery shop. She manage to make £4 to £5 everyday. As winter is approaching, she has plans to sell tea. MSH Nepal is very proud of her and we will keep supporting her in the near future so that one day she will become self sufficient to look after her children.