Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5 Boxes of clothing, food and Medicine + Sanitary items from Friends for Global Change

Thank you Friends for Global Change sending beautiful clothing items, food, Medicine, Sanitary items for the children of MySmallHelp, Nepal. Your love and support will always be cherished.#FriendsforGlobalChange

Friday, June 26, 2015

Santman Gurung and this recent update

My Small Help, Nepal has been supporting Santaman since 2007 when is was in Grade 3. 
Santaman’s father died when he was young and his disabled mother died three years ago from cancer. He used to live with his Aunt in his village and worked for her until moving to Marybert school where he lives as an orphan. Santaman is very responsible, sensitive and caring.

Santaman has recently finished his 9th Grade and now promoted to 10th Grade. This is the final year of her schooling. He will be giving SLC (School Leaving Certificate) exam this year. He is very excited to finish his schooling and attend some technical training course in the future. Man Prasad from Marybert has arranged work in Vehicle workshop after the SLC exam. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Helping My Small Help sponsored children Binisha and Sarita

Binisha's Mother receiving 35KG of rice bag

Binisha's Mother receiving 35KG of rice bag

Sarita receiving Plastic PVC mat 

Pramila handing over the materials

Friday, June 19, 2015

SLC result published today and update on MSH sponsored children

Today is the big day for SLC appeared children as their result has been published. This year we had 5 children giving SLC exam. We are still waiting to hear news from children. We have a good news that 1 child name Bipana Thapa has secured 1st Division. Still waiting for the news of 4 children.
More update
Bipana Thapa: 1st Division
Rozy Tamang: 1st Division
Sunita Majhi: 2nd Division

More update: 
Ashok Thapa: 1st Division

More update:
Rojan Shakya: 1st Division

Sarmila and her recent update

Sarmila is developing into a very kind and mature young lady. She has recently completed Grade 9 and now upgraded to Grade 10.She studies in Moon Light Boarding School. This is the final year of schooling. This year she will give SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination that is why she has got extra classes in the school. She goes to school early and comes back late. So far we are happy with her achievement and wish her all the best. After SLC, she will be joining college.

Sarmila is a very sociable girl currently living with her Aunt. Sadly she has a very troubled family which often hampers her study. After going though such a troubled life she is much stronger and wants to achieve something in life so that she can live alone and be independent in life. My Small Help has been helping Sarmila both morally and in financially. We really hope Sarmila will do well in her studies and her life.

Sarmila is very much thankful for all your help.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

After completing college, Jyoti and Reshna join work with other friends.

We would like to wish you Jyoti and Reshna all the best for your next step in your future career. You have made us proud. We will always be there to help and assist you in coming days.

Jyoti and Reshna both have completed Intermediate in Commerce. After number of test, both were appointed as a grade teacher in St. Mary's School, Gorkha. They are joining with other friends, Anjali, Kalpana and Anila. They will live in the school and will be teaching student. This is the great opportunity for both of them to learn and to become an experience teacher. We wish them all the best. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Urgent Relief after Earthquake

Father: Navaraj Sundas
Works in a tailoring shop

Mother: Rita Sundas

Supported by MSH since 2008
2 daughters: Sushmita Sundas (14 years old, Grade 7) and Sushma Sundas (11 years old, Grade 4)

Materials Provided: Phase I (10th June 2015)
1. Galvanized sheet: 6 set
2. Plain Galvanized Sheet for door: 1 set
3. Pair of dress: 2 sets for 3 children
4. Thin iron net: 2 meter to cover windows
5. Mosquito net: 2 sets
6. Water filter: 1 set 
7. Mug: 1 set
8. Plastic foam : 4 meters 

Further relief materials needed: Phase II (17th June 2015)
1. Cooking gas stove 
2. Cooking gas
3. Solar powered lights 
4. Table for placing gas stove
5. Table for children to study

Sushmita and Sushma taking picutre after earthquake destroyed their house

Crack outside of the house.

Crack inside of the house.

This is the house they were living. The family has removed the galvanized sheet from the roof to make temporary shelter. However, those sheet were not enough so MSH, Nepal help them.

MSH member Pramila discussing with the family to buy the right size of Galvanized sheets

MSH member Pramila choosing the right dress size for Sushmita, Sushma and for elder brother's son

Vehicle carrying materials to the destination

Loading down the materials from the vehicle

Loading down the materials from the vehicle

Loading down the materials from the vehicle

MSH member Suraj and other friends helping in carrying materials to the destination

MSH member Raju and other friends helping in carrying materials to the destination

This is the temporary shelter where they are living and shelter needs more galvanized sheets, doors, cover the holes to get water and rain. We got everything to fix it.  

MSH member Raju helping to remove plastic sheet to fix the galvanized sheet.

MSH member Raju helping to fix the galvanized sheet.

MSH member Raju and the family helping to fix the galvanized sheet.

MSH member Raju helping to fix the galvanized sheet.

MSH member Raju and the family helping to fix the galvanized sheet.

MSH member Pramila giving instruction to use M-seal to cover any holes to project from rain.

MSH member Suraj giving instruction to use filter properly for the first time.

Plastic form to protect from cold

door lock, nails, M-seals

MSH member Raju taking photographs with the family.

MSH member Pramila taking photographs with the family.

Sushma and her father and mother with her elder father's son