Sunday, October 4, 2009

Volunteer Report of Mira Halbina from Poland (7th - 21st August 2009)

I spent 2 weeks at Marybert School teaching English. Also I visited the children living at the orphanage at Marybert, as well as I learnt how Mysmallhelp works and what their main projects are. These 2 weeks with Mysmallhelp taught me how Mysmallhelp works and gave me ideas how to be useful, how to help most if I manage to come back to Nepal again.

I came to Mysmallhelp with the intention of teaching kids so that they can practice their English with a foreigner who speaks with a different accent; also I wanted to share my world with them. I found working a new role for myself namely as, as person looking after the kids in the orphanage or just the one who could organize their afternoon, after-school activities.

On the whole, I just loved cooperating with Mysmallhelp whose members were always ready to offer help, advice and taught me things about Nepal and the needs of the kids there. These 2 weeks were a short time, however, and sometimes it might help if Mysmallhelp clearly defined the most important roles volunteers could play, stating precisely what their tasks should be.