Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from Marybert Orphanage

Monday, December 17, 2012

MSH Charity Trip from Kathmandu-Darjeeling

MySmallHelp Nepal organized a trip from Kathmandu - Janakpur - Illam - Darjeeling - Hetauda trip from 9th to 14th December 2012. It was 5 nights and 6 days trip to raise funds for charity. All together 32 people participated in the trip. The main organizer of the trip was Shambhu Nath Shrestha. He very much carefully handle the trip and everyone enjoyed a trip very much. In the whole trip we traveled 2400 kms.  Thank you everyone for their support. 

Looking for a sponsor as she desperately needs help..

Lakpa Lama, 29 years old woman with three children. Eldest one Ashok Lama (14), Ravi Lama(12) and the youngest one Khusbu Lama(7). She is Single mother staying at Jorpati, Kathmandu. She is from village Makwanpur-1, Saraswati Bazar, Tistungpal. 

Her husband used to serve as a Nepal army for several years but about one year ago Lakpa left him and she started staying alone with her three kids. Because of her husband behavior she is unable to stay with him. Instead of helping her to raise their children, he got addicted to alcohol and girls so he sold all property which left the whole family empty hand. Lakpa had no choice but to leave her husband and live alone with her 3 kids.

After separating from her husband she started to sell metal bangle and other accessories. With just handful of metal bangle and accessories she started roaming around Thamel. Thamel is tourist area where she with luck she can find foreign customers. She can hardly make any money as lot of foreigners are not interested in metal bangles. So she can hardly make any money out of it. Sending her children to school is far beyond her reach. She is not even able to fulfill her and children ends meet. 


Khusbu Lama is seven year old girl. She is the youngest child of Lakpa Lama. Her mother is not able to send kids to school. Khusbu used to be at home all the time. She is very good looking and charming girl. Like her two brothers she also wants to go school and want to help her mother. She wants to study hard and in future she wants to make her mother a happiest person in the world. She desperately needs your help and support so that she gets the basic human rights that everyone should. Please help her to get her to school.
Khusbu Lama is seven year old girl. She is the youngest child of Lakpa Lama. Her mother is not able to send kids to school. Khusbu used to be at home all the time. She is very good looking and charming girl. Like her two brothers she also wants to go school and want to help her mother. She wants to study hard and in future she wants to make her mother a happiest person in the world. She desperately needs your help and support so that she gets the basic human rights that everyone should. Please help her to get her to school.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New First Aid Box Installed at Marybert Orphanage

On 24th November 2012 MySmallHelp donated and installed a First Aid box for the children of Marybert Orphanage. We have also added medical equipment donated by "Friends For Global Change, USA". Now children no longer have to worry when they get sick, wounded any other minor accidents. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A musical charity concert at Moksh

On 23rd November 2012, a musical charity concert was organized by "Today's Youth" at Moksh Bar. A band name "The Boyz Next Door" an amazing Nepali, English and Hindi numbers for all the muscal lovers. A big charity box was placed near by the band members so that people can come and donate in the box. Though the donation started late but most of the music lovers donated for the event. The main cause of charity is to provide computer, 3 in 1 printer, scanner, photocopier for Bhattedanda School and stationary items for children of the school. About £500 was donated by the Nepal National Football players. MySmallHelp would like to thank all Nepal National Players, The Boyz Next Door band members, Today's Youth and Moksh for all the support. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nepal's Christmas Drawing Winners held between Peru, Lima and Nepal

A Christmas card drawing competitions was held on 23rd August 2012 between Peru and Nepal. Out of 6 winners chosen from both the countries. 2 winners were selected from Nepal. Total of 18 contestant participated  in the contest from Nepal and Kalpana Chaudhary and Ashok Tamang (Thapa) became the winner of the contest. Both received the cards and certificate from MySmallHelp Nepal.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Supportive project at Marybert School/Orphanage

By Jeena


Supportive project at Marybert School/Orphanage

MySmallHelp Nepal has been supporting Marybert Orphanage since its establishment. So MSH Nepal has a good relationship as own family with the Marybert Orpahange and the children. Recently at the middle of August 2012, MSH Nepal had partly supported the Marybert School/Orphanage to pave the ground with cement blocks. Keeping in the mind the health and safety of the children MSH team supported the school in this project.

The program was successful with the co ordination and support of the sponsors Jim and Kat, WE International, Marybert Management and MSH, Nepal. Now the ground is really free of the dust and good to play for the children. They are very happy and thankful for the great support.

MSH, Nepal is very much grateful and heartily thankful to the sponsors Jim and Kat and WE international to make this project successful.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Self sustainable project for Anjali's Mother

5th August 2012
By Jeena

MySmallHelp, Nepal has been working for the education of the poor and orphan children of the society since 6 years.  With the growth of the organization MSH, Nepal also aims to start self sustainable project for the deprived family so that they can uplift their life from poverty and educate their children themselves. MSH Nepal has been supporting Anjali and Alisha Magar from past five years. Their mother has been working in the carpet factory from past 14 years. The hardship of the work is just enough for the family to join hand to mouth.

They are currently living in a small hut and the improvement of the family is very slow. Mother works 8 to 10 hours to make carpet everyday which pays her less than 160 pound per month. So MSH Nepal decided to forward its helping hands and helps to open a small grocery and vegetable shop for her so that they can uplift their lives. With the support of MSH, Nepal the family could work on their own and uplift their lives. Anjali's mother is very much happy and thankful to MSH, Nepal. Also MSH Nepal keeps faith on her patience and hard work and wishes her all the best for the future. MSH Nepal has fully supported this project so MSH Nepal will continue its support for the family to get rid of any trouble till they are uplifted.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yes, we have found the Sponsor

Yes, we have found sponsor for Sunita. She no longer has to worry how she can go to school. Thank you everyone for your support, love. 

Congratulation to SLC graduates

By Jeena

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Kalpana and Anjali

This year also MySmallHelp, Nepal feels very proud to congratulate two of the children for completing School Level. Kalpana Chaudhari and Anjali Thapa Magar are the children who successfully passed S.L.C (School Leaving Certificate). They are the second batch of MSH, Nepal who has been promoted for higher study level. Kalpana has planned to study humanities at Blue Bird College and aims to be a social worker while Anjali wants to be a management student at Grand Academy and aims to be an officer of the reputed organization to support her family. So MSH, Nepal is very happy to wish them for successful future and to support them further. Also MSH, Nepal is heartily thankful to the sponsor for their kind support and love .

Monday, July 2, 2012

Looking for a Sponsor

Sunita is a very sweet, honest and loving child. MSH had been helping from 2007 to 2011. During her stay in the Orphanage, she became one of the brightest student of the school and always came first and got number of medals. But suddenly, her uncle took back to her mother because her mother disable and has to use wheel chair to walk. There is a bitter truth that Sunita is a product of rape. 

MySmallHelp tried a lot to find her and now after 1 and 3 months, Sunita came in contact via facebook. We with lot of desperation, went to meet her. She is now 15 years old and to our big surprise, she had left her school. Sunita has a responsibility to cook, wash and look after her mother. Because of no any income source she was forced to leave the school and stay home.

We were deeply sadden, tears in our eyes and she was desperate in need of help, she loves to study and wants to continue. Though the school had started 3 months back, one of the school agreed to admit to the school. We admitted her to the school, we ordered school dress for tailoring, bought books, copies, pens, school shoes. For coming Sunday she is starting her new school with new hope and new dream.

It was our humble request to help this girl to continue her study and make her future bright. She desperately needs. Please your small help really really makes a big big difference to this girl.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Spiderman Visits Ollantaytambo

Last Tuesday, the children travelling on the school bus from the amazing Arco Iris school in Urubamba back to their homes in Ollantaytambo, were accompanied by a very special guest: Spiderman, who was spending his last day with MSH, taking a look at our school bus project.

On the bus, Alan got to know some of the children MSH is currently supporting, immediately making friends with them and overall enjoying a very special bus ride. The children were super excited as well, being joined by a grown-up in such a funny costume.

Spiderman with two of the children MSH suppports

After getting off the bus, Spiderman headed to another big event: Lourdes´ birthday! Lourdes turned 20, so we had a party for her in the volunteer house. This was the second birthday party in her life (her first one was last year), after having lived hidden away in her house for years. She invited her deaf friend Nayra and together with her sister, the MSH volunteers, Spiderman, and some friends from Sacred Valley School, the house was quite crowded!

Lourdes with her friend Nayra

 Lourdes, Gabi Scarafioca from Sacred Valley Project and Ruben, our bus driver

The birthday cake was made by the mother of a girl MSH supports in Cusco and was simply delicious. As Peruvian custom has it, Lourdes had to take the first bite and was pushed into the cake by Nayra, much to everyone`s amusement.

Lourdes, our physiotherapist Mercedes and Nayra

 Lourdes and her sister got to stay over at the volunteer house, also quite a special experience for the two. They slept in one of the volunteer rooms and took a hot shower the next day, which is a treat for them, as they do not have warm water in their home. All in all, the day was wonderful and Lourdes was very excited about all her presents and visitors. Spiderman also stayed over for the night, before heading back to Cusco, taking with him all the memories of four amazing days with MSH.