Friday, July 31, 2015

Sarita's present condition

Sarita comes from the very poor family. We met Sartia's mother who was alcoholic and her liver was badly damaged. She only got few years to live. She died about 4 year back. She has a father who works as a guard in an organisation. Sarita lives with her Sister and Brother. They are still young and have no income. They are surviving with their father income. 
My Small Help has been supporting Sarita since 2007. She is one of the most talented girl we have. In August 2014, she suffered from Meningitis and had to operate. My Small Help supported her for her operation. She couldn't go to school for more than 3 months. But still she manged to become first in the class. 

Nepal suffered from massive earthquake which destroyed the house where Sarita is living. They have now shifted to a new room. My Small Help help them with kitchen utensil, blankets, carpets and more. 

Sarita in hospital in August 2014

Sarita's new room

kitchen utensil

MSH member Pramila helping to buy items for Sarita



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vacancy announcement for Women Entrepreneurship Development Project

My Small Help is looking for qualified professionals to fulfill the position of Program Coordinator and Field Instructor based in Bardiya Discrict. The position will support Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (Tharu Community of Bardiya District).

Name of Project:          Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (Tharu Community of Bardiya District)

Job Location:               Bansgadi, Bardiya

Reports to:                   Program Director                      

As per institution’s rule

Project Period:            
4 months

Project overview and mission:
This project empowers marginalized girls and young women to improve the living standard of poor girls though capacity building training.
Position Title: Program Coordinator

Key Responsibilities

Key responsibility is to carry out the implementation level activities. 
1.     Prepare the implementation plan for effective execution of the project activities
2.     Guide supervise and coordinate with the Field Instructor (trainer) to carry out the training
3.     Maintain coordination and linkage with various stakeholders at the community level
  1. Responsible for financial and administrative management of the project
  2. Facilitate orientation, workshops and meetings as per need
  3. Prepares report and maintain effective communication with each concerned
  4. Respect local values and have knowledge of Tharu culture

Key requirements
-          Completed Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with preference of previous experience of similar field.
* women and indigenous candidate belonging to local community will be given preference.

Position Title: Field Instructor

Key responsibilities:
1.     Lead two ‘Sewing training class each day (each group with 12-13 women).
2.     Prepare course material and provide handouts to all participants
3.     Ensure safe and appropriate use of all equipment
4.     Liaise regularly with the program coordinator

·         CTEVT certified trainer
·         Respects the beliefs, religion and culture of Tharu community
·         Knowledge of current education theories and practice
·         Outstanding verbal and interpersonal skills

Only short listed candidates will be invited for the interview. Preference will be given to Tharu language speaking female candidates. No phone calls will be entertained. Please apply with an updated CV by 10 August, 2015 via mail to the following address.

The Executive Director
My Small Help
Kathmandu Nepal

Monday, July 27, 2015

Award and Token of Love

We are very pleased to present a RUNNER-UP (SECOND) award that we recently received in a Futsal match played between more than 35 teams. This is a big achievement and we would like to continue helping all our players to reach to the next level. Thank you

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Small Help, Nepal Futsal Team became second out of 35 teams

My Small Help, Nepal Futsal Team. 1 day match, 35 Teams, 65+ matches, 16+ matches to win the prize money. 
Congratulation to the team for securing SECOND in the final match. You have made everyone proud. Thank you everyone.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Supriya cuts birthday cake for the first time

On 17th July 2015, Supriya celebrated her 15th birthday by cutting cake with her all friends, brother and sisters in Marybert for the first time in her life. She was very happy and thankful to her beloved sponsor Annette. Thank you so much Annette for your kind love and support and transferring money to celebrate her birthday.
Birthday cake for Supriya

Supriya blowing candle

Supriya and the children with thank you note

Supriya with her friends in hostel

Supriya with thank you note

Supriya and her friends preparing dumplings (mo mo) for all the children

Dumpling set per person

Receivng dumplings with happy smile

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rozy finished her vocal training

Rozy Tamang has recently completed his vocal training which was of 3 months. She received a certificate of her training. She performed well in Rastrya Naach Ghar (Hall) in a band of 17 groups. She would like to become a singer if things goes well in the future. She has joined +2 or Intermediate level in college. 

My Small Help has been supporting Rozy since 2007. She is very smart and talented girl. We wish her all best in coming days. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Result of SLC appeared children

Bipana Thapa, Rojan Shakya, Ashok Lama, Rozy Tamang and Sunita Majhi are the five children who are supported by My Small Help, Nepal since 2007 apart from Bipana. This year 2071 BS, Nepali year (2014 -2015 AD) they appeared School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam and their result were published on the internet. They all passed their exam with good results. Now they will join Intermediate studies. We have managed to find the right college and are now admitted in the college. Soon they will start going to the college for further studies. Wishing them all the best. 

Bipana Thapa

Rojan Shakya

Ashok Lama

Rozy Tamang

Sunita Majhi

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Anjali, Kalpana and Jyoti @ work

My Small Help supported Anjali, Kalpana and Jyoti since 2007. After 8 years they have now finished their college and joined university. At the same time they also work in St. Mary's school which is located in Gorkha. We would like to thank their beloved sponsors, supporters and each and everyone who helped them to make a beautiful career ahead. We also wish them all the best.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Small Help supported child Smriti Rai

Smriti is a sweet little girl of age 9. Smriti was born on 28th December, 2005. With excessive flow of blood, Smriti mother died just after 2 days giving birth. In just 3 days time, Smriti's father's sister, Ambika started taking care of Smriti. Smriti's father disappeared after 2 years and do not know where he is now. 

Ambika has 2 children of her own, one is 22 years daughter and another is 20 years son. Ambika's father is working in Saudi Arabia as a construction works to feed the family. Ambika works as a cleaner in the school where Smriti is studying. She earn very small amount of money. Though Ambika's husband does not stay home in Nepal much but he does not like adopting Smiriti and often tells Ambika to leave her to one of Smriti's relatives. Smriti calls Ambika mother and wants to look after her until she is capable of doing something in life. 

My Small Help, Nepal has been supporting Smriti from 2015 and we promise to help her in coming years. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Lochan and Luna Koirala Update

These two sisters were very happy to see My Small Help volunteer Binod, at their rented room. Both secured very good marks in their recent exams and were promoted. Their mother is extremely happy to have support to her children as after her husband demise, life has been difficult. Now she is happy lady with small job in Law firm where her husband used to work. Lochan and Luna both are really well behaved kids and does all their works as much as possible to help their mother. Their mother too is happy and has little to complain.  Mother takes care of them well, as she does all morning works to get children to school and she herself ready for work. By the time children are at school, she is at work for her livelihood. Overall this family is happy with their daily routine and more happy to have found sponsor for their education.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Self sustainable Project to Govinda family

Govinda lives in Bhaktapur with his wife and 2 children. He is also HIV+ and needs regular health checkups which are expensive. They cannot afford for her daughter Rasna to go to school. My Small Help has been supporting her daughter Rasna Gosain from 2012.

Govinda has been struggling with his life. He tried different work but he could not earn enough to feed his family. Govinda has a good experience in furniture making business as his father had a furniture factory. He hired a space for the factory and started making low bed which is of 5ft by 3ft. He produces 10 beds in one lot. He had been struggling to buy raw materials to produce beds so he approached My Small Help (MSH) to make a contribution. After visiting his factory, looking at his dedication and the family situation, MSH decided to provide  £310 from which he can buy raw materials to make 20 beds. Now he can buy the raw materials by selling those beds and keep continuing and make some profit to feed the family.