Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Laxmi and Shyam Lamichhane

Laxmi Lamichhane and Shyam Lamichhane were given presents on 5th Jan 2008. The gifts were sponsored by Leander Hollings, John Hanson, Sue Johnson, Dani Tougher and MSH- Nepal. Laxmi and Shyam are both sister and brother. Their father is 43 years old and is paralysed on the left side of his body and mother Subhadra Lamichhane died in 2005 due to heart disease. Guru (Laxmi's father) has no source of income and no support. They have no savings as they were spent on the treatment of her mother which was not enough to save her life. Both are currently sponsored by MySmallHelp. Family life is an everyday struggle for survival!