Sunday, November 27, 2016

MSH sponsored children Nabin and Nabina update

Nabina is in Grade Five, studying in Souvenir Boarding School. She an active girl and participates in different school activities. She wants to study well and help her mother in the future. Just few days back, My Small Help, Nepal called Nabina to office. We provided her with stationary items and few cloths. We also managed to take picture during her visit which I have attached in this update.

About Nabin, he was studying in Grade 8 but unfortunately he failed the exam. He showed no sign of interest in studies. He decided to quite his studies to go aboard and work. We tried our best to convenience him to study till he passes schooling but he didn't want to  continue. He is in the process of applying for work so it might take him 6 to 8 months to complete.

My Small Help has been supporting Nabina and his brother Nabin since 2012.

Nabina and her mother in 2016

Nabin and her mother in 2016

Nabin and Nabina with their mother in 2012

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