Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Appeal

Dear friends,

Please take a few minutes to read the following:

MySmallHelp Nepal requests your help providing a memorable Christmas for less fortunate children

Marybert Orphanage has 24 children, and there are 12 others living close by.  Currently, these children will not receive a present this year at Christmas, and although Marybert has a large tree in the garden, there are no funds or plans to decorate it.

We plan to give each child a school bag as a gift to open on Christmas Day, not only to make Christmas a special and memorable day, but to provide a much needed tool for each child's education and future.  A worthy cause!


*All costing are estimates as prices may change over time*

School Bag (each)                        = £2.90
Christmas Tree Decorations        = £12.90

Total cost for 36 school bags and decorations = £117.00

Thank you for your time.  Please support the project with whatever you can spare

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