Thursday, January 10, 2008

Helping Anjali and Alisha

MySmallHelp found Anjali and her sister Alisha in need of desperate support. The MySmallHelp founding child (Anita Gurung) introduced us to these children. Their mother, Chitra Kumari Thapa was abandoned by their father. He ran away with another woman. This is typical of many men in Nepal who often desert their own family. Chitra works in a carpet factory and earns approximately 1000 rupees per month for more than 50 hours a week (approximately 8 pounds). She lives with her two daughters in a small dirty room next to the factory. It is very hard for her to make ends meet. She wants her daughters to study so that they will have a better life in the future. Recently, due to financial crisis she almost had to pull her daughter out of school. The dream of getting her daughters educated and having a better future was almost shattered. We are now helping her in providing education to her daughters. We hope our small help will make a big difference in her and her daughter's life.

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